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Cover.Sounplate.com is a free tool where you can create cool music covers for playlists and songs. 


Is it really free?

YES! At Soundplate we are on a mission to help independent artists and labels become successful, this is just one of the tools we have built to help us on this mission!


Do I have to give credit to Soundplate?

No! The artwork is yours to use as you want but if you can, give some props to photographers who provide the stock images via Unsplash. Their details will show below your artwork preview. They will appreciate it!



What can I use this tool for?

Create artwork for your playlists, music, social content etc!


What should I include on artwork for Spotify Playlists?

The artwork should be clean and simple, use the ‘main text’ area for the playlist title (big and bold). Do not include any other text. If you want to use your logo, make it small and include it in the top left-hand corner of the image. Use your own logo. Do not use the Spotify logo. 


Why have you created this tool?

We understand that getting good artwork designed can be an expensive and difficult process particularly for people who curate playlists or release music as a hobby. Artists just getting started in their career have tight budgets and often can't afford to hire a designer. Our hope is this tool will allow these people to create beautiful artwork without any of the costs involved. It’s super easy to use and free!


We are 100% committed to helping artists and labels succeed in the difficult landscape of independent music.

Do I need to share any data with you or sign-up to create artwork?




How can I support you?

The tool is free, the best thing you can do for us is to share it with your artist friends!



About Soundplate

Soundplate is a record label and music technology company. 

We strive to help independent artists and labels become successful. 



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